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"Everything is going to be alright"

There are times when I look back on my sermon or pastoral counseling sessions and think, "Man! I wish I had said ______." This Monday morning after preaching the Hope of the Resurrected Jesus (you can listen here) I came across Russell Moore's podcast "Signposts" in which he asks Tim Keller on what advice he would give to a 21 year old who is scared or nervous about the future. Keller's answer made me say, "I wish I saw this before my sermon yesterday!" Here is the clip from the interview for you to listen.

“If Jesus Christ was really raised from the dead, got out and was seen by hundreds of people, talked to them…everything is going to be alright. Whatever your worried about…Whatever your afraid of…everything is going to be ok. Christianity teaches not just resurrected people but a resurrected world…its not just your bodies that will be resurrected but the world will be a resurrected world that is cleansed from all evil and suffering and sin. If Jesus was raised from the dead, the whole world will be raised from the dead. We don’t know how but it will be. It doesn’t take away the pain of the brokenness of this present world but we know everything is going to be ok.” - Tim Keller

You can listen to the full interview on

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