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Gil Phillips


Gil Phillip's family came to Jacksonville when his Father’s last station was N.A.S. Jax in 1965 when Gil was 4 years old.  He was introduced to Jesus at this time by his mother and, as Gil describes, has been very close with Jesus ever since.  He was baptized at Hyde Park Baptist Church on Oct. 5, 1969 as an 8 year old.  His mother will tell you that he’s always been bold in sharing Jesus and she expresses how he took a tape recorder to school in the 7th grade, Gil would record peoples’ response to the question “What does Jesus mean to you?” Gil’s nature is to care for and exhort others.

Gil met his wife, Colleen, in 1980 and dated her exclusively beginning in 1982.  They were married in 1986 and have two children, Alex, a daughter and Trent, a son.  HIs professions include: sales, medical and entrepreneurship. Gil and Colleen have a lifetime of undeserved blessings from God and it continues even now.

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